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Here we are at Badminton and the weather is glorious

Onward to the action!

Onward to the action!

So Badminton is finally here, I arrived this morning having picked up a friend who I am camping with and met another camper at the site itself. A bit of camping pitch reallocation later thanks to the great camping site staff and up went the tents, well actually I lie, I helped with the big tent and then scarpered off to watch our blogger Aly whilst the others concentrated on the gazebo and other tents. I should mention we camp in style, there is a fully (overstocked?!) bar and just as much luxury that you can fit in a 12 man tent that will only be sleeping 3! 😉


Aly and Joe during their test

Aly about an hour ago now performed her test on Joe (JJ Malone), and what a beautiful test it was, not 100% perfect but was a lovely test with little to fault. The judges rewarded her accordingly with a score of 30 which puts her in a brilliant 4th position half way through the dressage  for the 2013 BE90 with the current leader only on 28.8.


The weather couldn’t be better if it tried. The dressage test was quite good as well! 😉

I have walked past Huntsman’s close already and wow that is a serious question with a large oxer in before having to bring the horse back for bounce of angled brushes, and then a tight turn to a large log on only what looked to be 2 strides. There is an alternative but it will be very costly on time but I can honestly see a large number going the long route, as I can see a significant amount having problems going direct.

Looking at the quarry from a reverse angle. This is the direct route where the horses will jump towards the camera

Looking at the quarry from a reverse angle. This is the direct route where the horses will jump towards the camera

The quarry if I’m honest looks tamer than past years but given the amount of questions elsewhere that is probably why.

Tomorrow morning it is up bright and early to watch Aly’s second test in addition to watching out for a few more people I know that are competing in various sections. The showjumping and XC will then follow and then of course the all important trot up for the 4* before the grassroots presentations.

Although it is relatively quiet today you can feel the atmosphere building with the last minute preparations taking place. The grassroots competition really does take pride of place this first few days and why shouldn’t it, in the words of our blogger Aly ‘It’s a real privilege to be here’ and yes yes it really is. Whoever had that first idea to run the grassroots finals at Badminton really deserves thanking as it’s such a great competition for true amateur riders.


Aly’s score goes up

For those coming to spectate over the next few days you will be glad to hear the weather is roasting hot (I’m in a t-shirt and the shorts I optimistically packed might well be having an outing!) and the ground is perfect.

If you spot me or any others of the e-Venting crew in our Toggi e-Venting jackets (mine is now firmly tied round my waist!) then please say hi, especially if you have any ideas for the site!

I will sign off now as I walk back to the camp site to finish setting up (read: inflate my bed.) I look forward to bringing you more from the Grassroots competition tomorrow, and fingers crossed this weather is here to stay!

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