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Tip Of The Day: cleaning water troughs

scourerThis tip of the day was kindly sent in by a reader, Helen Nielsen.

If you have a water trough full of slime that is in need of a good clean, the perfect tool is a pair of rubber gloves and a wire wool scourer like this one from my kitchen. Be sure to use one without added detergent though as otherwise you will have a sud-filled trough!

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  • I’ve heard that putting goldfish in the tanks keeps them clean too – anyone tried it?

  • Frannie, I think it does work, I’ve known people who did it, but the tank has to be big/deep/insulated enough that it won’t freeze solid and kill the fish in the winter, I think.

  • These wire wools are great and the cheapest place I have found them is Waitrose on the essential range, they often do a 2 for 3 deal. Tescos and Sainsburys are twice as much. My house feels empty without them – VERY sad I know!

  • Here’s another tip: Use a kitchen seive (preferably plastic so it won’t rust) to ‘net’ your tank by dragging the seive through the water. Bang the bits out of the seive on the side of the tank. This collects insects, grass, etc. from the water quickly and easily and keeps the tank fresher for longer.