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Tip of the Day: Getting more in a wheelbarrow.

IMG_6530This will probably sound a bit crazy, but when I was a teenager with my horse at livery, I was taken to task by my Yard Owner for not filling my wheelbarrow correctly. At first I was indignant – I mean, seriously, you fork the dirty stuff into the wheelbarrow, how complicated can it be? Then I was told that if you pack the corners first, and/or in a small barrow pack the front and the back (as shown in the photo), rather than just dumping it all into the middle and then levelling it out, you can get a lot more in. This way makes the contents more stable too, so it doesn’t shed loads and make a mess as you go to the muckheap.
I had to admit they were right. If you don’t do it already, try it… you might be amazed at the difference, and get away with fewer trips to the muckheap! The barrow in the pic will take a lot more, btw!

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