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Tip of the Day: Double-check when changing bits at an event

IMG_7501Firstly there’s a simple tip: most people know it already, but some don’t: all Sprenger bits have an arrow on 1 side, as shown in the pic, and it should always be fitted on the near side of the horse, with the arrow pointing forward to the nostrils. This ensures that the bit isn’t upside down or back to front!

Also, if you change bits at a competition, make sure to check twice that you have put the new bit in correctly (I know someone who did a quick bit change and only after the next (horrible) dressage test realised that, in their hurry, they’d put the bit in the wrong way round!)

Check all keepers and buckles carefully too, even if you are in a hurry… Last year someone’s rushed bit-change between SJ and XC ended up totally spoiling their day… one billet had not locked into place properly and came totally undone half way round the XC, fortunately she was able to stop but had to retire, Very Annoying!

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