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Tip of the Day: Additional keys to get into horsebox at events!


Extra horsebox door keys for helpers – invaluable!

This might look like a silly one but it really makes  a difference at Events.

I’ve had spare keys cut for the lorry living doors & tack lockers, so that my mum and my helper can both have keys, as can I (safely zipped in my breeches pocket while I’m competing). Then if I get back to the horsebox first after, say the SJ, I don’t have to wait for them to arrive, to be able to put my tack and clothes away and get a drink.

It’s just a little thing, but in the past they’d stop for a coffee or something and I’d be stuck fuming at the lorry waiting for them!

Nowadays keeping the lorry locked up when you’re not around is wise, with theft on the increase, so this is an easy way of ensuring your security and no arguments or lightning key-passing required.

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