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Most common mistakes seen in dressage tests

These were the 10 most common errors/mistakes I witnessed during a full day of competition at a recent BD show throughout the day, with classes from Prelim to Elementary. Almost all are instantly correctable and could result in at least 1 extra mark if not more, so take a think about whether you are guilty of any?

1. Walk to canter transition at C several riders proceeded to drastically cut corner after C.
2. Serpentine not equal sized loops.
3. 10m circles more 12m!
4. 10m loop not 10m more often 5-8m in size.
5. Leg yield, too much angle/bend so shoulders noticeably leading. (To clarify although shoulders should lead this should only be slightly as otherwise hind legs move in straight line and show no crossing)
6. Medium trot – rushed rather than increased stride length.
7. Rein back – not enough steps.
8. Halts – not long enough, often barely a second for a 4 second halt.
9. Reins too long so losing the straight line from elbow to bit.
10. Transitions/movements not at the correct markers.

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