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Mitsubishi Motors Badminton 2015 – Dressage Day 1 Afternoon

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_Q9A9504As the post-lunch session started, we still had only 1 combination, Andrew Nicholson and Nereo, which had broken the 40 penalty barrier. Louisa Milne Home and the lovely big King Eider (“Duck” to his friends) was the first to get into the 40s, the early slightly fluffed changes costing them dear. Mary King had “Tess” going very sweetly for a 47.1, but it took the German Niklas Bschorer with Tom Tom Go 3 to score really well, his smooth, secure test gaining solidly good marks to slot him into 3rd at that stage.

The home crowd had high hopes of usual dressage specialist Laura Collett and Nick Gauntlett’s former ride Grand Manoeuvre, but some tension crept in to keep them to 46.2, which was still good enough for a top ten finish.

_Q9A9519Flora Harris had the lovely grey mare Amazing VIII (known as “Witch” at home) going very softly and harmoniously, creating a beautiful picture. There was a little quickening in the walk work but otherwise little to fault, and the changes were correct and lovely to watch. Their 43.6 was totally deserved and there could be more to come from this combination.

The ‘ladiator’ Ben Hobday had Mulry’s Error showing himself off to his very best advantage. This horse just tries so hard and was very secure and settled, for a 57.1.


_Q9A9637There were a few judging anomalies in the morning session, when Andrew Hoy had a torrid time with Lanfranco, who has been impossibly difficult in the dressage before, and one of his rather non-existent halts merited marks of 1, 6.5, 5, while one of Andrew Nicholson’s changes was late behind and scored 4, 4.5, 7, prompting Pammy Hutton to say of  the judges “One didn’t notice”! And when Sir Mark Todd made an error of course, the judges didn’t seem to notice that either, failing to ring the bell and leaving him to carry on and adversely affect the next movement too. More coffee needed in the judge’s huts, maybe?!

Dressage recommences at 09.20 on Friday morning, and there are quite a riders who could easily take top spot, in particular Ingrid Klimke and William Fox-Pitt, so it should be a fascinating day of Dressage.

Today’s Dressage Results are HERE.

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