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Ask the Readers – 15th February

Yes we know we left the first question run a little longer than a week but we thought you wouldn’t mind.

This week’s question comes from reader Claire who has been looking closely at the relationship of prize money offered by events compared to entry fees. You may be interested to know Aldon at the time she checked was the only event to offer higher level prize money but charge lower level entry fees.

Obviously some events are subject to VAT which increases their entry fee which must not be forgotten.

So our question to you the readers is do you actively take entry fees and/or prizes into consideration when entering an event? Will you choose one event over another on entry cost or the offer of higher prize money?

Please answer by posting a comment using the box below. (please note if you have not commented on a story before it will need to be approved before it goes live so may not be visible straight away.

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  • No. To me the training and experience is more valuable. I’m not at an experience level where I EXPECT to be in the ribbons every time I go out. I also have green horses. I’d rather save money and go to more events than to plan my schedule and money around the possibility of getting some back as prize money (not that there is any money in my area to be had). If the prize money event works into my schedule and budget, GREAT! If not, no biggie.

  • No, not a consideration as don’t expect to be in the top placings where it might be a benefit.
    Would rather lower entry fees than higher entry fees.
    Prizes in kind down to lower placings are always appreciated doesn’t have to be of huge value – eg bags of herbal treats – nice to come home having won something!

  • Hi, No, we plan the events and classes we are aiming for without considering entry fees. BE sets these anyway, the only variation is in relation to the prize fund. We don’t take any prize money or gifts into account, we prefer to approach each event as an opportunity to improve on the previous attempt!

  • It depends mostly on how far away a competition is. If there are two events that are equidistant from me on the same weekend, both with courses that should suit my horse, then I might take entry fee levels and prize money into account, but generally, no. I pay much more attention to which events have a fair refund policy, instead!