Busy doesn’t come close!

The last week seems to have flown past I must admit and I am having to work hard to ensure I retain the correct work/life/horse and now e-Venting balance. Thankfully I am  part of a great team here which means between us we can keep on top of the admin involved without it taking over our lives which is just as well as we want to be out eventing soon just like you!

As you may have seen today we announced our first supporter Kanteq and we have some more whom we are finalising details with and hope to announce very soon.

Flirt is feeling full of the joys of spring, I did try telling her this evening when hacking after work (for the first time this year I must add whoopee) that her fabulous passage was not what I was after, in fact we were meant to be working long and low as per physio’s instructions! She also seemed oblivious to the fact that is was below zero with snow on the ground.

I’ve pretty much given up on my hope of finding an unaffiliated ODE at the right time so looks like we will be jumping straight in at either Somerley or Tweseldown BE  weather dependant. Do not expect our dressage to be in any way respectable and our showjumping will most likely be a blink and you miss it affair! I am though going to try to get out to some dressage and showjumping first in the hope it will dampen some of her ‘OMG WE ARE AT AN EVENT WITH OTHER PEOPLE I MAY EXPLODE WITH EXCITEMENT’ behaviour. I must apologise for the capitals but really she would be shouting at you whilst doing her best ants in her pants impression to ensure she did not miss a second of what is going on around her. She is getting more sensible with age (well she is a teenager now after all) but the first event of the season is always too exciting for words or more helpfully sanity!

Can I ask does anyone else have a husband suffering with ManFlu? In his defence he really is suffering to the point of refusing almost all food and he even said no to chocolate this evening which is basically unheard of. He is lucky though as he should be on a pre-deployment exercise at the moment but due to needing to complete work back on camp he has been allowed to escape and sleep in his own warm bed rather than on a campcot in a tent in sub zero temperatures. I have though requested he doesn’t donate me his germs.

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