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Jodie R: The Thing I Love and The Thing I’d Change

The next installment of our competition to win a super rug from Swish is here! Jodie R tells us exactly what she loves and what she’d change about eventing. Got an opinion? Get involved by commenting below, or send your own entry in by clicking here.

The Thing I Love

The ‘buzz’ of returning from the XC- especially if it was a bit big and scary before you started- the andrenaline rush is even greater then! XC is my favourite of the three disciplines, in part because you are under less pressure to ‘look good’- it’s more about being safe and effective!

The Thing I’d Change

The little niggly things which make it difficult for the true amateur who is often on a budget and perhaps without a groom! So things like:

  • ridiculously close together times for the different sections
  • the four hour wait to see if you’ve received a tenth placed rosette
  • withdrawing and having someone fill your place last minute and not getting a refund
  • the occasional rude steward

However, I must stress that these are small niggles- generally eventing is great and there are some wonderful people involved in it 🙂

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