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Win: The Thing I Love and the Thing I’d Change. – now closed

Swish-A-W-Preview-051Here at E-Venting Towers, we know there’s nothing riders like to do more than have an opinion on stuff. And there’s nothing more guaranteed to set an eventer off than talking about what they would change in the sport. So we want to hear from you – what do you love about the sport, and what would you change? Send us your thoughts over the next month using the form below, and the person whose ‘Love and Change’ topics create the most debate will win a fancy-scmancy fleece rug with the e-venting logo on it courtesy of our good friends at Swish Equestrian. Please go and check out their lovely rugs.

This stunning fleece is made from luxury breathable fleece and has a chest strap and hidden surcingle to keep the rug in the perfect position. It has a broad contrasting colour fleece strip that runs around the edge of the rug, with fleece wither pad and Swish embroidery.

The Swish Luxury Show Fleece is available in seven colours: black/silver, navy/red, red/black, green/black, maroon/black, navy/black and purple/silver. They are available in sizes 5’3”-7’6” and have a RRP of £31.99, but are currently available for £21.99.

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(We’re sorry, but we can only accept entries from the UK for this competition – but if you’re not from these shores and you’d like to have your say, do send it in, we’ll publish it, but unfortunately you won’t be eligible to win).

As a starter for ten, here’s the ‘Love and Change’ thoughts of our regular contributor Tilly:

The Thing I Love About Eventing:

The thing I love about eventing is the camaraderie. It doesn’t matter that I am nobody, and as likely to be propping up the scoreboard in 21st place as I am to be placed, people in eventing, on the whole are nice. I love that when I am coming back from cross country with a big grin on my face a sponsored hero is quite likely to smile back and say ‘good ride?’, and that if I forget something, the next door lorry will look and see if they have it to lend to me. And I positively adore the fact that as I head towards the start box, people will say to me ‘fence 4 is riding a bit short’ or ‘watch the ground after fence 11, it’s gone really holding’ – where else would you find people who you are in direct competition with offering helpful advice? Of course it’s not all sunshine and rainbows – I was pretty shocked when a friend told me about a sponsored hero who openly admitted in a clinic that they will try and intimidate people in the dressage warmup who look like they might be a rival for the top spots. But in general, eventing is a friendly place to be, and I for one feel lucky to be a part of that.

The Thing I’d Change About Eventing:

It infuriates me that the AGM seems to be designed to discourage the membership from attending and voting. Mid-week, in London – just how is that supposed to work for the majority of the membership who a) work full time and b) don’t live in London?! It might be convenient for the board of directors, but frankly, that should be the last reason to have it there. In the USA they manage to incorporate their AGM with a really superb series of discussions and speakers (they even film them and upload to YouTube – check out their channel here). Which made me think – given we have the excellent International Eventing Forum in the UK, why doesn’t BE look to hold the AGM in conjunction with that? The Articles of Association of BE only state that an AGM must be held within 15 months of the last AGM, so moving the date to coincide with the IEF wouldn’t be impossible – the 2012 AGM was on 19th December 2012, and the next IEF is 3rd February 2014. Moving the AGM from December 2013 to February 2014 would be within the 15 months specified by the Articles of Association. And it might just make it easier and more enjoyable for the average member to attend. Add in a day of discussion forums like the USEA ones the day before the IEF, followed by the BE AGM, and you have a ready-made weekend set up which appeals to amateurs and pros alike.

(We won’t use your details for anything except to contact you if you have won. So you won’t get any emails from us clogging up your inbox. The winner will be the person whose topics have generated the most debate by midday on 16th March 2012 – so use Facebook and Twitter to promote the site, and get your friends to join in the fun here at Also, please note our contributors guidelines).


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