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Tip of the Day: Separate bridle for competitions

purchase Lyrica online Have work tack, or more specifically work bridles. I don’t expect people to be able to have separate saddles for competing!

Crown Point Most people have enough spare bridle parts sitting around to make up a work bridle, and ideally one for each horse. It doesn’t matter how scruffy this bridle is, you’ll only use it at home. Chuck some saddle soap at it once a week… or not. So long as the leather and stitching are sound it doesn’t really matter. Keep your competition bridle for just that – competitions. Clean it whenever you get a chance – whether that’s at an event whilst waiting for the results, or at home a few days later with a glass of wine. Then hang it back in the lorry ready for your next outing. No more last minute tack cleaning! I have also extended this thinking to headcollars, breastplates, martingales and girths so on the night before an event all I have to clean is the saddles.

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