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Brilliant Books – Cross Country with Blyth Tait

I am a total bookworm – I absolutely love books and have hundreds of them in my house. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks the E-venting team will share the equestrian books they love and why. I have been bold and picked my favourites and hopefully you will enjoy them as well.

Cross Country with Blyth Tait

This book is better at explaining cross country than any of the others I have read. I currently have sitting at home Lucinda Greens, William Fox-Pitts, Mark Todds, Leslie Laws, Andrew Nicholsons, Pippa Funnells and Jane Holderness Roddams! That is quite a large collection of books about eventing so when I say this is the best, I have read a fair few.

Blyth’s books are simple but clear. The photos are superb and choosing real life scenarios at events and a breakdown of the different parts which make up jumping makes it really clear about the approach, the take off and the landing. The book examines the key elements of each fence, why they pose a question and show things when they go wrong which is really helpful.

The book is split into the principles of cross country riding, participating in cross country riding, analysis of cross country fence technique and problems.

I think what makes this book better than others is that it just examines cross country riding. Lucinda Greens is ok but its a bit dated and I think Blyth Tait does a much better job of explaining the technicality and theory needed to be a good cross country rider.

Even better it can be found on Amazon second hand for 1p!

Blyth’s Book on Amazon


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