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Badminton Champions are crowned & the dressage begins

Yesterday was another glorious day here at Badminton park and what a fantastic day to have both the 2012 and 2013 Grassroots champions crowned.

IMG_5062The first thing I will admit was that I woke up slightly delicate, a full bottle of pimms between 3 of us was perhaps not the most sensible option but after a large amount of water I was ready and raring (well walking) to go.

My day was spent running round mainly after our blogger Aly on both her horses but also several friends who were competing. I will say now yes I was jealous, it has been my ambition since I started eventing to qualify for the Grassroots but I’ve just never quite got here other than to watch.

For the first year the cross country was particularly influential with a true championship track. Stops were spattered around the course although the water, wishing wells and angled brushes were causing the most issues in both classes.

Our blogger Aly had two good rounds to finish in 8th and 13th but I will leave it to her to write her final blog to let you know the full story.

Ingrid's beautiful outfit

Ingrid’s beautiful outfit

The standard of riding overall was very good but it needed to be with the courses that were presented. Add in it was never going to be a dressage competition which was refreshing from previous years even though a lot of the competitors in the 2012 final not only were now competing novice but are now looking to go Intermediate!

The winners (who possibly will not get the attention they deserve so we feel they deserve some more attention!) were:

2012 BE90 Winner Biddy Brasted-Watts riding Market Fiesta

2013 BE 90 Winner Lucy Robinson riding Red Dandy

2012 BE100 Winner Kirsty Hardisty riding Croft Farm Percy

2013 BE100 Winner Charlotte Parry-Ashcroft riding Danesfort Boy

The CCI**** trot up was very interesting if only for the variety of outfits. Tweed culottes perhaps were not the best fashion choice whereas at the other end of the spectrum Ingrid Klimke’s beautiful rocking horse print dress was a stand out for me.

The camping has been fun, ok yes our bar wasn’t quite as well stocked as we hoped as we have now err misplaced (read drunk!) a second litre but there were at least 6 of us last night! But no fear we have already restocked đŸ˜‰

4 of the e-Venting team at the Toggi Stand

4 of the e-Venting team at the Toggi Stand

What you may not know is that the core e-Venting team is actually spread round a large proportion of the UK and even one in France which means although we all talk on a daily basis via the internet it is rare for a number of us to be in the same place at the same time. Today we actually managed to get 5 of the 8 of us together and even managed 4 of us for a photo at our Supporters Toggi/Champion’s stand in our jackets. Have you spotted us yet? We’ve even been prowling the campsite in search of friends who admittedly we didn’t find, we suspect they were hiding when we started quietly (or not) saying ‘Eliza where are you’ (Eliza you know who you are!)

How could you say no to this?

How could you say no to this?

Today was a busy day for myself and friend and fellow camper/photographer Liz who is taking photos for our affiliate site Horse Junkies United. We first watched the dressage up to the first break before heading to the HiHo where we cooed over some rather lovely jewellery and also possibly the cutest dog there as well.

It was then time for lunch which the lovely people from Mitsubishi provided for us which was rather appreciated as saved any queuing or dashing about! Add the fact it was simply delicious especially the raspberry cheesecake!

Going on a Mary King course walk? Beware you may get wet at the lake!!

Going on a Mary King course walk? Beware you may get wet at the lake!!

After lunch was our photocall at Toggi before heading out on a driven coursewalk in a Mitsubishi 4×4. We had been worrying quite how we were going to fit a whole coursewalk in so this was ideal and allowed us to dash round the course in only an hour. This means we will be uploading full course photos as well this evening (I’m getting there promise!).

Next was time for a bit more dressage before sitting back down here in the Media Centre to sort photos on perhaps the slowest computer ever known to man, which also lacks basically any form of photo editing tools so what you are getting came straight from the camera which for me is a cardinal sin almost! Maybe I should ask Santa for a MacAir for my birthday! haha

Having attended Badminton many times as a spectator attending this year as Media is opening my eyes somewhat; long days are a given, yesterday I frogmarched back to the camp site in the waning light hoping I wouldn’t get lost in the woods without a torch, but you know what I’m loving every second of it, ok maybe ask me again on Tuesday when I have dragged myself back into the office for my normal day job! đŸ˜‰

This was meant to be a flying change!

This was meant to be a flying change!

My best bit without fail of today though was just being in that main arena, I dream of riding in it but being realistic that is never going to happen so I took great pleasure in being able to be in it to take photos instead.

Signing off for today now, an earlyish finish before a full day of dressage. If you are coming to watch you will most likely spot me in the photographer section of the main arena wearing my e-Venting jacket.

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