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Tip of the Day: A shire-horse nail for clearing stud holes.

IMG_6870This one came from my farrier, who, fortunately for me, regularly shoes shire horses. Of course their huge feet need huge shoes, therefore huge nails are required.

When I asked for a new nail for clearing stud holes, he said that a shire nail is the best thing to use. I find it easier to hold and the tip is stronger, and doesn’t bend as easily as smaller nails, as you can see. The shire nail in the photo is a few years now and still doing a great job.  🙂

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  • I use a Bradawl tool- ( looks a bit like a small screwdriver with a pointy end) Ive had mine since some point in the 80’s and its still going strong! Being a technophobe I have no idea how to post a link but it comes up when googled. IMO far superior to a nail and a lot less fiddley 🙂