Tip of the day

Tip of the Day – Find out where the finish is.

In the case of this tip – We make all the expensive mistakes so you don’t have to!

Check where the finish line is for the Cross Country and the Showjumping.

At Bicton the finish line was in a ridiculous place with string in 3 areas so it was not terribly clear and I jumped the last fence and blythely carried up the hill unaware that the finish line in fact required a 90 degree turn after the last fence. I missed elimination by the skin of my teeth and gained 18 time faults. I was not the only person to do this and  I hope this does not become a new trend with course designers as frankly finish lines should be obvious and in straight lines after the last fence unless unavoidable (which this one was not).

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An amateur rider who produces all her own horses. I have competed at novice level and sadly never got further due to bad luck with horses but I am still ambitious to achieve a lot more. I have a riding qualification in UKCC2 and a diploma in NLP. Sports science and particularly the mental game fascinates me. For a day job I work for a large multinational brand.


  • We spotted this when walking the course, purely by chance. Very devious in my opinion.

  • Also always count the fence numbers!!!

    A few years ago at Nutwell a large number of the first riders in the Novice got eliminated for missing a fence. You jumped into a field and you could see the next fence in the distance. WRONG! The next fence was a right hand turn, down the other hedge line, under some tress then back to what people thought was the next fence!