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TOTD: An alternative medical card holder

Thank you to Sarah who submitted this top of the day. Remember you can also submit an article or tip using the contact form.

Do you hate flimsy ripable uncomfortable medical arm-bands? Does it slide down your arm or bounce about? Is it just a badly designed bit of horsey nonsense? Is it over priced and poorly put together? Do other sports already use a similar product much cheaper and better designed?
Yes indeed! Any sports shop will sell a comfy neoprene velcro media player or iPhone holder armband for half the price than horsey brands and be twice as hard wearing and comfortable. Nowadays iPhone holder armbands have a lovely big clear bit of plastic at the front too. Ideal! I had the brain-wave in the gym whilst listening to music and my player wasn’t moving, just sitting comfortably on my arm. The front clear piece of plastic is just wide enough to display my medical information and it sits unnoticed on my arm. I don’t XC without it now and never have to use that awful piece of cheap plastic again. Plus you can probably find one in your XC colours too. Hurrah!

At e-Venting we do remind you that for BE competitions you must use an official BE information card insert but you should find that it will fit nicely in the larger media player armbands but please do keep this in mind when purchasing an armband.

An example of the armband Sarah talks about is the www.armpocket.com although cheaper (and UK stockists!) ones are available!

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  • This is a great tip – I didn’t realise that only the inner part of the card was the compulsory bit. I’m not really sure who they’ve designed the official outers for, I don’t know anyone with arms like Popeye!