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Tip of the Day: Show-jumps in windy arenas

IMG_6697Living in the Fens, I am accustomed to having to endure very windy weather, most days of the year. Since my back won’t cope with lugging sandbags around to put on the feet of jump wings, I’ve had to come up with other solutions!

The first and easiest is to use Jump Stands like those pictured. With relatively heavy feet and just the narrow upright, they are very stable. It takes serious gusts of wind to blow them over.

The other is never to use planks when it’s windy, as they catch the wind a lot more than poles do. I rarely used this solid hanging filler for the same reason, and then realised that if I sandwiched it between two blocks, like so, it makes it far more stable.

Of course this makes it more solid than a normal SJ so I wouldn’t do it above, say, 3′, for inexperienced horses, just in case they had a clueless moment and ‘wore’ it!

I can also put a pole above it and the solid filler no longer swings in the breeze… result. 🙂


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