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Tip Of The Day: Emergency contacts

Thank you to readers Caroline and Isabella who both sent in this tip.

If you event or compete alone make sure you have emergency contact details clearly viewable at your car/lorry. This doesn’t just cover your next of kin but also your own mobile number in the event that your horse has an accident in the lorry/trailer whilst you are walking the course.

You can either print out the details and stick them inside a car window or use a white or black board and write all your details on. It may seem overkill but ultimately is very sensible and could save a lot of time in the event of an emergency.

In addition to next of kin contacts, Dr’s details, yard owners contacts and details of any previous/current injuries and allergies would all be of benefit to be listed.

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  • Also very good idea to put a small key-ring on D-ring of saddle with phonenumbers and horsebox reg on it in the event you part company and someone catches your horse somewhere on the show-grounds. A dog coller tag works wonders