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Tip of the Day: Keeping reins out of the way

http://yesand.co.uk/category/solution-focus/page/5/ IMG_7678IMG_7677One of my habits at the lower levels is to let my horse graze around the horsebox between phases, sometimes with a bit in because I don’t have time to take bridle off and put it back on again.

buy Lyrica The reins were always a problem (I am paranoid about horses treading on them) but the other day I realised that I could safely velcro them out of the way with the loop on the front of my sheepskin half-pad (the loop which I only ever tuck in between the flaps of the saddle).

This works perfectly… happy horse stuffing its face for 5 minutes, happy me getting myself ready without worrying about the reins, or having to fiddle around take them off to keep them safely out of the way!

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