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Tip of the Day – Dropped Seatbone

Every now and again my horse will drop my right seatbone through his back. I feels like my seat has dropped by about an inch on one side where as previously I was sat equally.

I was given an excellent tip by Karen Whiston BHSI that in order to get it back again you use your thigh on the dropped seatbone side to lift it back. I find that this brings the horses back underneath you evenly again and is a more subtle method than giving a kick.

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An amateur rider who produces all her own horses. I have competed at novice level and sadly never got further due to bad luck with horses but I am still ambitious to achieve a lot more. I have a riding qualification in UKCC2 and a diploma in NLP. Sports science and particularly the mental game fascinates me. For a day job I work for a large multinational brand.