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Tip of the Day: Stud girth loop solution


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Turn the D ring around, and it will… just!

When my very snazzy new Fairfax stud girth came, I was delighted with it (as was Daisy, who loves it!), until I realised that the loop of my breastplate (not particularly wide) would NOT go through the D ring on the stud girth. Infuriating!
Unfortunately I didn’t notice this till tacking up for XC at an event, and had to use trusty duct tape for that round. Classy.

Back home we were trying to sort it out. My first thought was to slice the sides of the breastplate loop to make it narrower, but it would be a tricky job to do neatly. Then to cut out the D ring and replace with another one… again, tricky!

Fortunately while (with difficulty) turning the D ring ready to cut it I realised that the back part is slightly wider than the curved part… problem solved… just!

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