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How Did I Live Without – vinyl boots.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that this winter in the UK as been . . .wet. Wet, wet, wet. And muddy.

As someone who spends all day in and out of the car, getting on and off of horses, bringing horses in and out, walking dogs and generally sloshing through the elements, the issue of wet weather footwear is near and dear to my heart. I figured out this year that each time I change my boots and chaps after, for instance, dragging a horse in from the paddock through an ankle deep mud puddle, it was taking almost ten minutes per stop. Multiplied by 4 or 5 trips a day, that is a lot of time standing on one foot, trying not to get my socks muddy! In previous years I have tried the various “riding wellies” and country boots with varying levels of success but pretty reliable substantial outlay. Even if I stay with the changing, it still means having a size up pair of riding boots to accommodate proper winter socks. Given the speed with which I go through boots – fair enough as I often have them on 12+ hours a day – this is not a very desirable state of affairs.

So this winter I went back to my roots. I purchased a very cheap and cheerful pair of vinyl riding boots, just like I wore at the riding school as a kid, in a larger size to accommodate heavy socks and pants. They are just the ticket.

Okay, so I look like an over grown horse mad 10 year old and a fair few people have seen fit to comment but my feet are warm and dry and I don’t have to change my boots 15 times a day. I can live with the judgement!

(For extra bonus points, you can put nice insoles in the boots if they “millimetres from the ground” feel is not to your liking.)



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TarrSteps is a Citizen of the World (aka Canadian) currently working with young horses and "problem solving" - for both horse and riders - in the Surrey area. She has dabbled in most horsey disciplines but loves eventing because there is always another question to ask and another answer to find.