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The pony eventer – Not an ideal start

Well now that the season is well under way, twitter is constantly filling with everyone’s news and updates, and the eventing section is back in Horse & Hound I am actually realising now how much more I have missed it than I thought I had!

Theo and I started our season on March 9th at 100 for the first time on a very bright and sunny day which was a super start. We got a pleasing dressage which set a good precedent for the rest of the season but unfortunately I discovered mid show jumping round that there was something wrong and that Theo was slightly uncomfortable jumping but not unsound. We got eliminated so couldn’t go cross country which was really upsetting especially so early on in the season. I guess that for me I was particularly upset because each of my eventing outings are so special and it takes a significant amount of hours for me to work to earn the money to pay for one so to only do the dressage and a few show jumps was really disappointing. On the flip side this could have happened mid season in the middle of a good streak of success and really damaged my confidence but I know to bounce back and address the problem so we can be up and running again in no time. Since we have been to the vet and sorted everything out so he should be all better in about a week all being well.

I did some fence judging a couple of weeks ago which was lovely. I think that it’s so good for young event riders to volunteer because there are so many jobs and they don’t all take all day unlike fence judging.  Ultimately the young riders of today are the world champions of tomorrow and they rely on volunteers so much plus it is a small commitment to put back into the sport which ultimately means so much.

Now with the school holidays approaching and the clocks going forward I can spend much more time after school riding and competing so after a rather poor start to the season I’m looking forward to a better second start in mid April.

Theo’s work has improved so much since his visit to the vet so I have high hopes for him this season as I know he has still got it in him even at the ripe old age of 20!

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