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Tip of the Day: Lungeing a strong horse

I honestly can’t remember when someone showed me this trick, but it definitely wasn’t early enough in my time with horses!

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 12.29.11If you are lungeing a horse who is a bit difficult, or tanky, pass the lunge line behind your back, so you can lean back into it if the horse tries to rush off. This means you aren’t just relying on the strength of your arms to hold it, and you are very unlikely to get pulled over! You can just lean back and use your bodyweight as an anchor until the horse calms down and stops zooming around.

Be extra careful with any spare line in your hand, to reduce any chance of getting tangled in the line if something dramatic happens. (I heard of someone getting horrific injuries very recently when they somehow got caught in a lunge line and dragged through the arena fence. Awful.)

I realise I’m not wearing gloves in this photo (guilty as charged) but I was lungeing a mare who is very good to lunge, and I only posed like this for the photo, not because she needed this anchor-position.

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