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Tried and Tested: The Toggi Salcombe Coat

Screen shot 2014-11-03 at 12.53.08As part of our ongoing association with Toggi and Champion I had a Salcombe Country Coat to trial.

I am really fussy about coats and jackets. They can make or break a whole outfit… in fact, they can make it all on their own, if they’re good enough.

I am also really hung up about clothing being flattering. I am not exactly proud of the size of my backside so like to cover it up, especially when I’m wearing breeches and pop to the local supermarket and post office (at least 4 times a week.) Anything that prevents the “Lost your horse? Hahaha” kind of smart alec comments is good by me. Because the cut of the Salcombe is longish it covers enough of my breeches to disguise them, and I’ve had no funny looks or comments. Win!

It is a great length and seriously flattering, because the side/back adjustable tabs mean you can tailor it to show as much or as little waist/shape as you like. The chocolate colour is practical and warm.

It is lightweight but toasty, lightly padded (without looking at all bulky), perfect. The sizing is spot-on, average UK sizing. I am 5’10” with fairly wide shoulders and long arms so went for the 14, as per the size charts online, and it is spot on. There’s enough room if I want to wear a jumper under it when it’s really cold, but it doesn’t look too roomy with just a shirt under it.

It washes beautifully, coming up as new, and it is waterproof and breathable. I detest carrying an umbrella so need a coat which will cope with a downpour without turning into a sponge (as many do, despite what it says on the label.)

The pockets are those lovely well-thought-out two-way ones which have a flap with a press stud at the top so you can secure your keys, phone, etc, but there are also slip-in hand-warmer pockets behind the press stud ones.

The removable faux-fur collar is a lovely touch. I wore it for a bit then took it off, and prefer it without, but might change my mind when the temperature plummets!

This is a new Absolute Favourite coat for me. I wear it just about every time I step out of the door and turn towards my car not the yard!  The local charity shops are doing well because I genuinely LOVE this coat so much that I’ve finally been able to eject a few Old Favourites which had more than done their time. Very highly recommended, it is lovely quality and ticks every single box.

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