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The Perfect Personalised (Christmas?) Present for an Eventer?

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 11.54.18One of our founder e-Venting members, Louise Lamb, is a talented designer who has set up a business at home doing tailor-made artwork. She will use your own photos, one from her Stock Items, or a fully personalised lists of “Loves”, and print it in the colours of your choice… basically, if you want it making, she’ll make it happen. Her website is HERE.

One of her latest ideas is this list of “Eventers Love…” which was the result of some heavy-duty shared brainstorming. She then takes all the ideas and matches them with various fonts, finally arranging them into an entertaining piece that would look good on any wall!

“Eventers Love…” is part of a series (there’s also Showjumpers, Hunters, Dressagers, & Risqué), which are shown below with just some of the colour choices that are available.

Prints are lovely quality and very reasonably priced, and can be provide in A4 or A3 sizes. Full details HERE.

You can choose with or without ‘shadow’ (outline of horse and rider), monochrome or colour, and hve your choice of colours. Having them made up in someone’s XC colours would be a lovely touch.

This artwork can also be printed onto iPad covers (plain £20 or flip £25) and iPhone covers (£14)

Everything can be personalised, changes made and so on – please contact her for details.

One of my personal aims for this year’s Christmas shopping is to use local businesses, friends’ businesses, and small set-ups making unusual products, as much as I can. I don’t want my money to go to huge companies making millions of identical things in China, if I can help it! This is one way of doing that, and ensuring that presents have a much more personal, and personalised, touch.

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