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Tip of the Day: XL Over-reach Boots for Travelling

Screen shot 2015-03-20 at 12.48.28I may be extra-paranoid at the moment since my mare has managed to slightly twist a shoe twice in the field last few weeks, but it’s made me go back to doing something I used to do. If you’ve ever arrived at a competition to find a horse has managed to tread on and twist a shoe in transit, or even pull it off completely, you’ll appreciate why. There’s enough to do on arrival at an event without rushing about trying to get a shoe straightened and refitted as well!
I am now travelling Daisy with an XL pair of velcro’d rubber over-reach boots under her lightweight NEW Vent-tex Leg Wraps. Obviously if you already use long travel boots that completely cover the heels down to the floor you won’t need to, but I have gone right off those (as I think they may heat the legs too much) so this is my compromise. The wraps are excellent, don’t heat the legs, and the mare doesn’t object to them either, whereas she wasn’t too keen on bulky travel boots.
So far, so good…

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