Jumping Exercise – Waiting & Landing on the Correct Lead

This is a really useful exercise for getting your horse to land on the correct lead and to wait after a fence to know where you’re going next. I like to mix up what I do each time I land. It’s important to keep the fences small, as this is hard work and it’s not about jumping big, it’s about having control and precision. I tend not to go over about 80cm with it. It’s really useful if your horse has a tendency to rush after a fence. They might make a few mistakes to start with, but they quickly learn to sit back on their hocks and wait for you to tell them where to go next.

Setup: You put 4 upright fences out on the centre line. They all need to be jumpable from both directions.

CL Jumps

You can then jump a whole lot of different ways, building up from jumping the yellow and the blue, to the yellow and the red and then the red and blue.

CL Jumps Circles

To jumping a serpentine down the arena

CL Jumps Serpentine

To using the fences for XC practice angling a fence, starting with the green and red on a simple figure of eight, and building up to the yellow and red (or green and blue). I like to mix these in as it allows me to open the horse up a bit more and get them to understand sometimes I want them to wait, and sometimes I want them to move on to a fence.

CL Jumps Angled fig 8 CL Jumps Angle

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