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The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials – The 1st Trot Up

ChristopherBurton (C) Katie Neat PhotographyQuite aside from the XC Course, and the ongoing dressage, what about the really important stuff… who strutted their stuff the best on the most expensive catwalk in the world?

My best dressed list: for the boys, where we seriously missed Ben Hobday’s stylish presence, we had Oliver Townend, in a very smart and well-fitting dark blue suit, Ben Way in light green tweed with dark blue trousers and blue accents (very smart), Paul Tapner in jeans (very nice jeans, admittedly, but jeans all the same!) with a tweed waistcoat (scarlet silk back, got to get that Tapner red in), lovely shirt and red bow tie, and Cedric Lyard, very patriotic in bright red trousers, a navy jacket, and a smart shirt and tie, with handkerchief in red and blue. But for me Chris Burton carried the day, his immaculate black suit and open-necked white shirt looking fresh and very dapper.

DeeHankey (C) Katie Neat PhotographyFor the girls: Pippa Funnell was beautifully coordinated in taupe jeans, with a patterned top of coral, brown and taupe, and brown short boots. Georgie Spence wore an absolutely beautiful fitted duck egg blue long coat over white jeans, and Ros Canter looked great in a cream and black tunic over black leggings. Willa Newton, Lynn Symansky, Coral Keen and Gina Ruck also rocked their respective looks. But my winner was Dee Hankey, who wore white jeans and a very fitted, stunning little jacket and coordinating vertiginous plimsoll wedges. I can’t be the only one who breathed a sigh of relief that she wasn’t in her usual stilettos, when I saw how fresh Chequers Playboy looked, but running in those wedges was a whole new level of athletic skill.

Because it’s not just about clothes, it’s also about horses, I’d also like to suggest the following categories:

MichaelJung (C) Katie Neat PhotographyThe “Well Held” Award.
Honourable mentions to Pippa Funnell, who needed to do some serious half-halting with the über-keen Second Supreme, but kept him perfectly straight so didn’t have to run again, and to Georgie Spence and Lucy Wiegersma, who both looked as if they could give Usain Bolt a run for his money.
Winner: Paul Sims, whose Glengarnock reared impressively and made the crowds gasp.

The “My Horse Trots Up In An Absolutely Exemplary Manner” Award.
Honourable Mention to Oliver Townend, who had both of his rides trotting very calmly and deliberately, and Michael Jung, of whom more later… his top mount Sam proved that nothing ruffles him!
Winner: Austin O’Connor, whose Morning Venture kept a perfect calm rhythm on a totally loose rein, both ways.

The “Give The Audience Something to Laugh About” Award.
Honourable Mention to Out of Africa Two, who waved his tongue about in a winning way on his way up the strip. Hopefully he will have forgotten that trick before tomorrow!
Winner: Michael Jung, who had a minor wardrobe malfunction. President of the Ground Jury, Nick Burton, told him to “keep it clean” prompting Michael to attempt to do up his flies as he ran up the strip with La Biosthetique Sam FBW. There was much amusement, as you can imagine! It’s been a Burghley To Remember already, and it is just going to get better.

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