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Special Offer – ECOGOLD HI-VIZ Boots for Safer Roadwork

Aldan img_1391As a long-term devotee of ECOGOLD boots for everyday as well as for competitions, I was really pleased when I saw that their new swatch of colour choices included proper dayglo yellow and dayglo orange. When I hack my horses out I always wear hi-viz to give drivers extra time to see us and (hopefully) slow down, but hadn’t found any hi-viz horse boots that I was happy to use (I am very picky about what I put on my horses’ legs!)
I asked ECOGOLD for a couple of pairs of the XC boot in hi-viz colours (because I hack out with front XC boots on my horses, always… I want their tendons protected in case they do a huge spook at something, or worse!), and have been very happy with the resulting prototypes.

buy modafinil uk debit card img_1394I am convinced that drivers slow down more when they see the horse is in hi-viz too, they seem to think “Crikey, if she’s put all that on, there must be a reason”. Anything that gets drivers to slow down around horses gets the big Thumbs Up from me.

The boots are the usual very high quality ECOGOLD standard, with memory foam padding, and are very lightweight, with no neoprene. There are short tendon guards in the front boots, and cannon bone guards in the hind boots, and reflective strips, as shown. They are very eye-catching.
There are also Exercise boots (as shown in Navy) which are a slightly different shape, and have no guards in them.

The range is available at a special introductory price for the rest of 2016, in HI-VIZ Yellow and HI-VIZ Orange.

Pair of HI-VIZ XC boots Fronts – £55

Pair of HI-VIZ XC boots Hinds – £65

Pair of HI-VIZ Exercise boots (front or hind) – £45

HI-VIZ Secure saddlepads are also available – £100 each.


The Exercise boots. Available in HI-VIZ.

If you are interested in ordering some, please subscribe to the e-Venting newsletter (there’s a link on the right hand side of the home page of the website, HERE) for further details of how to purchase (these are not on the ECOGOLD website, they are a special group purchase deal for the U.K. only).




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