Playing With The Big Boys

Playing With The Big Boys

Again, apologies for lack of updates as, yet again we haven’t done anything. Well that’s not 100% true, I have been away, whilst ‘Sick Note Siren’ has been resting, again!

Poor old Siren has had rubbish luck. The little ‘issue’ we were having that meant we had to withdraw from Badminton has gone on longer than we all thought, and is still niggling away. He reacted badly to some routine treatment which caused him to have sore feet. This combined with very bruised feet is not a good combination. We have tried our best to get him right in time for our most favourite event (Burghley!) but it’s just not going to happen unfortunately.

He needs time, and unfortunately we cannot rush this. The main thing is once his feet have recovered he should be fine, so we are now hoping for a summer of hacking and a winter of showjumping. He owes me nothing, and the main thing is he is comfortable and happy, if not a complete nightmare on rest! Obviously we are gutted, we were all really hoping to get a few events done, but it was just not meant to be.

Again massive thank you to the following who have been a massive help/support/shoulder to cry on over the last few weeks/months:

  • Aireworth Vets – my first ever sponsor and ex-employer. The team here are fab, and know Siren and his funny ways (and know how to handle a slightly emotional me!)
  • The National Saddle Centre – Jo (business owner) fits into the ‘shoulder to cry on category’. She is always at the end of the phone for help and support, as well as been the most amazing Saddle fitter.
  • Topspec – I think it’s fair to say Siren is a nightmare with regards to food! The helpline is amazing, and Anna has done a fab job of keeping him looking amazing and eating, well, like a horse!!
  • Richard Tate – always at the end of the phone when we are struggling. Although he’s spent so much time with Siren recently I’m a little concerned he thinks he owns a share of him now!
  • Northern Equine Therapy Centre – I wouldn’t trust many people to look after Siren but Gail and Stuart are definitely at the top of the list.
  • Manor Farm – Siren has lived here for all his life, and Janet and Richard look after him like their own (he did used to be!) and put up with me very well, especially when I’m being slightly over protective!

So I don’t really think anyone is interested in my rambling on about what Siren has done whilst still on box rest…. but hopefully once we are back up and running, I will be back! Again a MASSIVE thank you to everyone….. my sponsors, the Vets, my amazing Farrier, and also to everyone who had sent me messages asking why we aren’t out and about. Hopefully we will be soon.

Love Charlotte and Super Si

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