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Burghley Press Conference

http://blumberger.net/wp-json/ Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 17.04.29Andrew Nicholson said that he thinks the Dairy Mound skinnies will be the most influential question on Captain Mark Phillip’s course.

Don Benito In response to Riders’ Requests, the brush on these imposing Dairy Mound triple brushes has had a haircut and is less sharply scooped, although CMP said he doesn’t know if that will make them easier or not!

The Dairy Mound comes at the 7 minute point on the course, so horses should not be tiring by then.

Apparently Ingrid Klimke has said it is the most daunting course she has ever walked.

CMP said, pointedly, that it is a ‘true 4* test’, unlike some recently, a very obvious dig at the Badminton course this year.

There are some very serious questions out there and today is going to be a fantastic day of competition. The promised rain did not materialise and the going is perfect.

Can’t wait for tomorrow, get here if you can, it is going to be IMMENSE… can Jock and Promise do it again and set themselves up for the Rolex Grand Slam?

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