Submitting An Article

General Articles

We welcome articles from readers but cannot guarantee all article will be posted and we retain the right to edit or amend any article as we see necessary before being included on the site.

As a general guide any articles should not contain any content (text or photos) which is subject to third party copyright or is in anyway defamatory.

All articles should be submitted with full contact details although these will not be shown on the site. Failure to provide contact details will result in your article not being published. We will not use your details for any reason other than to confirm the authenticity of the article. Your details will also not be passed on to any third party.

In terms of applicable subjects the world is your oyster as long is it relates to eventing, we love articles about training tips, clinic reviews and equipment you couldn’t live without. In general our blogs will be limited to regular contributors but if you are especially amusing for example send us an example and if we love it we will make exceptions!

Readers Favourite Photos

If you are making a contribution to ‘Readers Favourite Photos’ please ensure to include the following information:
1) The photo itself (minimum of 400x 400 pixels in size)
2) Who took and therefore who holds the copyright to the photo. If you don’t hold the copyright we will need to contact the photographer to request permission to post the photo. Without their permission we will be unable to use your submission.
3) and last but not least why it is your favourite photo. Does it illustrate a special moment be that a win or over coming adversity for example?

To submit a contribution please email ask @ (without the spaces!)