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Introducing – International Event Groom Immy

Immy and Marcelo at London 2012 Olympics with Eleda All Black

Immy and Marcelo at London 2012 Olympics with Eleda All Black

My name is Immy. I’m 20 years old and have worked as an event groom, since the age of 16. I’ve been working for Brazilian Olympic event rider Marcelo Tosi, for the past 4 years. In the time that I’ve been working for him, I’ve groomed at the 2011 Pan American Games (in Mexico), 2012 London Olympics, Pau 4* 2012, Burghley 4* 2013, and numerous one day and three day events in the UK and all over Europe.

We have 4 horses at the moment from novice to 4* level.

Eleda All Black (Huggy) – he is an 18hh TB. When Marcelo started riding him he was only a 2* horse. In the 3 seasons Marcelo has ridden him he has moved up to 4* level, completing Pau and Burghley, also the Olympics and Pan Americans (2* level). He will be aimed at WEG later this year.

Briefing – he is an Intermediate horse. Marcelo has ridden from the start of his eventing career. Last year he finished 10th at the WEG test event and had many placing at intermediate level.

Honart – he is another intermediate horse.

Glenfly – is an ex-racer, who Marcelo got off the track in 2012. He was competing at Novice level last year, And will be continuing moving up the levels over the coming seasons.

Marcelo also trains me on my 5 year old, who I brought as a 3 year old unbroken.  This year she will start her career in eventing. We will take her xc schooling alongside Marcelo’s horses before the season starts, and when she’s eventually ready to do an ODE at BE 90.

Marcelo at Burghley 2013

Marcelo at Burghley 2013

At the moment the horses are in full work, schooling most days. Also they have started light galloping work to improve their fitness; we go to a local gallop track once a week. We’re very lucky to be very close to Salisbury Plain, which we make the most of by taking them up there once a week, to trot up hills etc improving their strength and stamina.

Over the next month they will do more jumping (different exercises to improve technique), go xc schooling and continue their exercise program which they’re doing at the moment.

This, all leading to the coming season , where there will hopefully be a lot of good results and different experiences!!!!

I will be sharing with you my experiences as a groom including what preparations are involved in preparing horses for a professional rider at all levels. I will also be sharing some of the exercises we use on a regular basis with the horses, which you will be able to incorporate into your own training regimes.

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