Playing With The Big Boys

Playing with the big boys

So Siren has been back in light work for a fair few weeks now, which he seems to be enjoying… a little too much!! He started off very typical steady eddy Siren but the last few weeks he has definitely found his inner 4* eventer and become quite naughty! Hopefully once I step up his work he will focus his energy on his doing as I ask rather than his mid air gymnastic movements.

12336345_613024265087_1198438909_nHe has been quite spoilt as well. Luckily I have never had to buy Siren a new outdoor rug as he doesn’t tend to rip rugs (touches wood!) but unfortunately after 10 years of use his trusty old Fal Pro rug (that his breeder bought him) needed replacing as it started rubbing, causing a sore on his withers. After much deliberation I treated him to a rug that cost more than I knew rugs could even cost! The Rambo Optimo sells itself very well and I decided to get him one, after all he pretty much bought it himself with his money from completing Burghley! As much as I would love to be sponsored by Rambo, I’m not, but I can honestly say it’s brilliant. Can highly recommend them.

So as Siren’s work has increased I decided I should really work on mine as well and work off the few pounds I seemed to have gained since Siren has been on holiday. I have joined a fitness group that runs in the park behind my house. All I can say is it torture! But rider fitness is essential and it is certainly an area I need to improve on. Also seeing as though my best comment from the dressage test at Burghley was ‘Charlotte is very slim’ I thought I had best stay slim to ensure I get positive comments in the future!!

This week I got the news that Siren is unfortunately not qualified for Badminton 2016. We needed to finish in the top 50% at Burghley. We finished 40th and although 84 entered only 74 started. So I am gutted, but maybe it is a blessing in disguise. It will allow us to have a fun and stress free season whilst concentrating on training and just do the events I want to. When we eventually get to Badminton we will be a force to be reckoned with! We will therefore aim for Burghley, but I have no idea what to do in the build up. He doesn’t need to do anything but as this is my hobby we need to go and have fun. We will probably do a mid season CCI*** – We love Bramham, but also fancy Tattersalls. Time will tell and hopefully I will come up with a master plan soon. Until then we have dressage lessons, hacking and more fitness work (for both of us!!)

Love, Charlotte and Super Si

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