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Spring is Sprung… why you should buy an H-Trap to combat the dreaded horseflies!

Last summer I trialled Sentomol’s H-trap, and after initial scepticism I was soon totally converted. From enduring painful bites (through my breeches!) every time I rode in the arena, and spending hours swatting the evil bloodsucking things on my long-suffering horses, I watched in satisfaction as the horseflies immediately started to pile up in the collection pot, and appreciated every time I was NOT being bitten by them while riding. We caught hundreds… hundreds that didn’t get to breed, so hopefully this summer there should be far fewer!

The whole contraption stayed up in my field all winter, as a test of its durability. As expected, it has weathered perfectly, and looks as new.  The stand is heavy duty and galvanised, and it hasn’t moved a mm. I removed the catching pot (no horseflies in winter!) and took the cone lid off when gale force winds were forecast, but that was all. It’s a very quality piece of kit and will last for years. Also, the horses (including the one with sweet itch) have never even tried to scratch themselves on it, which is an added bonus.

Although initially it might seem like an expensive purchase, at £180 for the large option (or £75 for the smaller option with a stand included, £60 without), when I added up what I spend on fly repellent and fly rugs per season (trying to protect the horses from horseflies in particular, since they are the most painful and annoying!) it doesn’t seem so much, and it will definitely last for years and years. Of course it’s a totally ‘green’ option too, no nasty chemicals, no effect on local wildlife. Plus it requires no further attention, it just quietly sits there and does its thing in the field, eradicating horse flies from dawn to dusk.

The horseflies will start appearing soon, and as soon as they do I know that my little herd will be hanging out near the H-trap every time they doze off in the sun, and we’ll all be safe to work horses in the arena without being feasted upon!


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