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Oh, Sugar! How One Escapee Mini Brought Calmsden BE to a Standstill.

Yesterday at Calmsden a very cute mini Shetland called Sugar caused havoc, and much hilarity, when she managed to unclip herself from the side of the horsebox (her people were on the other side of the lorry for a second, she wasn’t left unattended!) and went off on a mission, apparently zooming through the lorry park, through the SJ, onto the XC course, having a rare old time and even choosing to pop a few BE80 xc fences as she went from field to field. Action had to be stopped while the miscreant was apprehended, after about ten minutes of illicit freedom, and a very spirited chase involving officials’ vehicles and lots of enthusiastic foot followers!

Her slightly mortified owner, Emma Matthews, said that Sugar is “a travel buddy for any of our horses travelling solo. She’s been fab until yesterday. She went to a PC rally with one of the children from our yard last week and showed plenty of jumping potential there… maybe she has her own ambitions now, she’s obviously very capable and fast!”

Once apprehended, Sugar came back “with a huge mouthful of grass” as the star of the show… mission accomplished, she must have been very pleased with herself!

Apparently the BE reps were “very good about her adventure all things considered and as no harm was done thought it was as amusing as everyone else”, but because of the Public Liability aspect, Sugar’s outings are curtailed until she has her own Insurance in place.

Emma said ” I do apologise if she spoilt anybody’s day…. we are banned until she has her own public liability insurance as she’s not covered by BE liability. We will endeavour to sort this so she can come to more parties ( with a human attached to the other end!)”

Event rider Georgie Wood managed to get some footage of the end of Sugar’s ’round’ (below, from her Twitter feed), and we’re all hoping someone else managed to get some of the jumping phase! Unfortunately the professional photographers dotted around the course apparently were “too busy laughing” to have had their lenses pointed in the right direction, but we hope more footage or photos might surface… watch this space!


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