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Testing, testing. . .Horseware Sportzvibe dog rug, take two.

20141015_133452So, test subject Mavis has been replaced! Basically, she is back on “full work” and, touch wood, her back discomfort is much improved. She was up to 10 min in the Sportzvibe rug and seemed to enjoy it but she has generously passed it on to her much more needy friend, Jet, for further testing.

Jet is a 9 year old Labrador with, unfortunately, a variety of health problems, including arthritis and degenerating discs in her spine. She receives acupuncture and a number of other supportive therapies but one of the main knock on effects has been considerable muscular back pain. Massage was suggested. . . cue light bulb moment for her owner and me.

Jet seems to have taken to the rug immediately! She is now up to 20 minutes and since she started using the rug she has been able to reduce her pain medication dosage by half!! She is also notably more active and less stiff after playing.  It will be interesting to get the vet’s opinion on the rug and its obviously positive effect at her next check up.

We had originally planned to time share the rug between the two dogs but Jet has responded so well and her need is so great we are going to concentrate on maximising its use for her.

Thus far, we couldn’t be more pleased!

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