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Emily F: The Thing I Love and The Thing I’d Change

We’ve had a flurry of new entries for our competition to win a rug from Swish Equestrian. Here’s what Emily F thinks about the sport – if you’ve got something to add, why not comment below – or send in your entry here.

The Thing I Love

When it all comes together. We all know that there’s more to eventing than learning a dressage test, popping over a few jumps and then tearing round the country side. There are the hours of grooming, washing,plaiting, packing and tack cleaning and those winters where we promise ourselves that this will be the year we crack our dressage; those days when nothing seems to go right. But in the end, when you’re circling in the start box and the countdown begins you know its all worth it. Just to be there competing in a sport you love with a half tonne, 30 mph galloping, medium trotting, ditch jumping team mate, is all we want. And if you can pick up a few rosettes along the way, its even better.

The Thing I’d Change

The publicity the sport receives. When you’ve described what eventing is to someone, how many times have you had the reply “Oh, so you’re a jockey”? I also cannot fathom how it is such that we live in a world where watching people chase after balls is seen as more exciting than watching people control an animal 10 times their size through a rigorous gymnastic routine, then, quite frankly, defy death around a cross country course and top it all off with a round of show jumping. After the Olympic games in the summer, now is the time to start raising the profile of eventing and getting more people involved from the bottom up to give our sport a stable foundation and a larger outreach.


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