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How Did I Live Without… the Horsewear Wash Bag from Moorland Rider.

I bought one of these as a trial, and am very glad I did. I am not lucky enough to have a separate washing machine for washing horse and dog stuff (with 4 horses and 6 dogs, that adds up to a lot of saddlepads, girths, boots, rugs, towels, dog beds, etc) and although I always do a full empty wash with cold water after a batch of dog or horse stuff, and wipe around the drum and seals, I must admit that hairs do still appear on any clothes that go in the next wash or three… never popular!
I’d say to buy the biggest bag you can, it just gives more room for good washing.  I have the Large size. Don’t over-stuff it, I tend to fill it about 2/3 full at most. I always rinse muddy things off well first under the yard tap, then bung them all in the orange bag (impossible to lose in the tackroom, yay!) The zip is good quality and strong, no problems at all. Just stuff the orange bag in the machine, add washing liquid, and I always add an extra rinse cycle, after a horse of mine on loan lost the hair over his entire saddlepad area, after the rider didn’t rinse it properly and the horse reacted to the remnants of detergent – it looked like rainscald, just awful.
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When the wash is done, just remove the clean items, take the bag into the garden and turn it inside out to shake out the hairs, grit etc, and it’s ready to use again.
It stops that irritating noise of girth and rug buckles crashing around the drum during the wash too!

Highly recommended, I don’t know how I managed without it. I intend to take it to events and put things in it after washing off them after xc, so it can go straight in the machine on getting home, that’ll streamline everything nicely!
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  • I agree with everything you say. The Horsewear bag is brilliant. However, the zip broke on mine and during the last wash the bag came open and the numnahs escaped leaving my domestic machine completely covered in horse hair which I have been unable to remove. I am furious.
    Can anyone tell me who the manufacturer is as they should know their product is not reliable?

    • Hi Viv

      The manufacturer is Moorland Rider. I would suggest you contact them direct there is a link in this article to their site.

      No product is perfect and occasionally something like this will happen but most manufacturers given the chance will rectify so yes definitely contact them direct.

      I’ve had my bag for quite some time (years?!) without fault so I would imagine the zip perhaps got caught or similar (who knows!).

  • I brought a wash bag from Moorland Rider about three years ago and its still going strong. I have had no problems with the zip or any other aspect of the design, its one of my best buys. I choose not to remember what life was like pre washbag…as it is filled with nightmares of horse hair floating round my washing machine and infiltrating my nice clean clothing yukkk!.