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Laura L: The Thing I Love and The Thing I’d Change

The latest entrant in our competition to win a rug from Swish, Laura L tells us what really gets her goat about eventing – and why she does it anyway! Have your say by clicking here and entering the competition.

The Thing I Love

The buzz! The butterflies on the way there, the atmosphere when you get there and that amazing feeling of walking back to the lorry after a brilliant xc round. I also love being in the same sections as the big names. The year I got a better dressage than Pippa Funnel at south of England will stay with me a long time! Chatting to people and the camaraderie between competitors. I love talking to people in the lorry next door or whilst waiting in the xc warm up.

The Thing I’d Change

The withdrawal/refund/waitlist system. It is completely ridiculous and I’m regularly astounded at what BE are allowed to get away with regarding this. And no one secretary/organiser will give you a straight answer about their rule on it. The cost but you have to accept that one!

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