New FEI qualification MERs causing problems in NZ.

With the first CI of the season there looming, we have heard that some riders have just discovered that they aren’t qualified according to the new rules, although they would have been last year. Fortunately the event is running 1*, 2* and 3*, so there has been some last minute shuffling around of entries.

Todd Gloyn tweeted: “Surprise surprise 10 days out from 1st FEI event of yr & a handful of NZ Eventers realise they not qualified”, “consolation is that 1,2 & 3* are all on programme. 1* might be toughest to win!” and “nightmare for those checking qualifications. At least 2 4* qualified horses in one star, one of them with 3star rider.”

Let’s hope that the Event Riders Association petition to the FEI has persuaded them to rethink these drastic rules. I’m sure genuine 1* competitors won’t want to be up against 3* and 4* horses, just as much as their riders would rather not be doing 1* on them!

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