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Tip of the day: Mucking out with two forks


I use a standard pitch fork and a Fynalite Multi Mucker

When mucking out my stables I always have three implements at hand a good broom and then two forks. Firstly a good old fashioned pitch fork but also a Fynalite multi mucker fork.

I love the multi mucker, the prongs are sturdier and further set apart than a shavings fork but close enough to pick up those individual pieces of poo that you would never have a chance of getting with the pitch fork.

I often muck out the entire bed with the multi mucker but when turning over the banks it is quicker and easier to switch to the pitch fork.

Although many may see it as a hassle it saves a remarkable amount of time and effort and also importantly saves wasting bedding unnecessarily. This is demonstrated best when using a pitchfork in order to pick up a pile of poo you also need to pick up a fair amount of straw from under it which no matter how hard you try you will always end up with a fair amount of otherwise clean straw in your barrow.

To put in context I have two mares one who poos for Britain but is otherwise quite clean who only needs a new bale of straw every 1.5-2 weeks normally and the other is horrendously messy but still only needs a bale once a week!

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