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Tip of the Day: Sacrificial over-reach boots in the field


If your farrier shoes your horse with quite a lot of support for the heels, I’m sure you’ll know the annoyance of the horse pulling the shoes off in the field, especially infuriating if it’s the day before a competition!

As advised by my farrier: huge rubber overreach boots are the answer, perhaps even two pairs initially, one of XXL if you can get them, and then a normal pair on top to keep the huge ones in place. After a while you can usually get it down to just one XL pair, as seen in the photo. The huge ones might get a bit shredded here and there but the important thing is that the horse treads on the boot first, rather than the shoe.

I’m not sure whether they learn from this or not, but things definitely improve over time, and it saves a fortune in calling out the farrier to stick a shoe back on, hours walking around the field looking for the missing shoe (and the flipping things can travel a long way through the air!) and the effort of removing a twisted shoe which is still on the horse. Wish I’d thought of it years ago!

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  • All of our horses wear bell boots (as they are called in canada). Even those without shoes – it protects against coronet injuries – even my youngsters wear them and they are in the same herd as the ones with shoes so it does protect them from someone with shoes stepping on them.

    All our horses 24/7 bell boots

  • a great idea, but if your horse does this regularly, it’s definitely worth investing in a pair of ShoeSecures. Designed especially to stop horses pulling their shoes off in the field, they really do work!!

  • There is also a thing called shoe secure that attaches via stud holes and when my man was loosing shoes weekly in the field I used it was brilliant although a pain to put on and off. I used over reach boys but they get quite expensive when they are being regularly shredded mind as does weekly farrier visits. My solution I changed farrier and haven’t lost a shoe since now would put the boots on as protection rather than to try to prevent a lost shoe!

  • All of mine that are shod wear over reach boots in the field. I always use ones with Velcro so no danger of tripping the horse up if they do get stood on. I also use white ones they are much easier to spot in the field should one get pulled off.

  • Thanks for comments everyone. Karla, it’s a good idea getting white ones, I’ll try that next time!
    I’ve seen the Shoe Secure and it looks a really good idea, one to try definitely.