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Commentary Notes

We are starting a new feature on e-Venting as of this month, a chance to get to know some of our amateur riders (and readers) a bit better and find out what our peers are up to, what they think about the sport and what pearls of wisdom they may have to share. For our first few subjects, we will concentrate on members of the e-Venting contributor family but we will soon be casting further afield – if you know anyone you think would make a great subject for a future Commentary Notes column please let us know! We would particularly like to hear from anyone with a “non-traditional” job/horse/arrangement but mostly we are interested in you and people like you!

The format is a questionnaire, with questions ranging from the purely practical to the deeply philosophical. Subjects can answer as many or as few questions as they wish.

We hope you enjoy reading as much as we will enjoying finding out about our fellow eventers.

About the author


TarrSteps is a Citizen of the World (aka Canadian) currently working with young horses and "problem solving" - for both horse and riders - in the Surrey area. She has dabbled in most horsey disciplines but loves eventing because there is always another question to ask and another answer to find.