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Tip of the Day: Get video’d!

If you can’t afford a LOT of training, the best advice is to get video’d as much as possible. Beg or bribe people to video you, at home and at competitions. Video footage is so much more valuable than photographs for training purposes. I have a fairly basic camera that takes video as well as stills (a SONY DCS-HX100V) which is pretty-much point-and-shoot, and allows zooming in and out when videoing (very valuable). It even allows for bursts of photos to be taken while videoing carries on, so no excuses! But even footage taken with a smartphone is better than nothing.

I scrutinise the videos and pictures, working out what I am doing wrong and how to improve things. This can be as good as a lesson for giving me lightbulb moments. Sometimes the way it looks is absolutely not the way it feels!

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  • I also love my gorillapod, if I can’t persuade some one to come video me I can attach it to almost any thing and leave it videoing.