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Tip of the Day: Get yourself a tail-rake!

IMG_6871If you haven’t got a tail-rake yet, you really must. They are fantastic bits of kit. I can now do a tail really neatly with no pain inflicted on the horse, and just tweak a few extra bits if absolutely necessary (either by pulling or by trimming with scissors – if you hold them vertically you will avoid nasty lines.)

Before I bought a tail-rake I was using scissors held vertical on the tricky horses’ tails, which took ages. I had one in particular who was super-sensitive and could not bear to have his tail pulled, even when really warm after exercise.

With tail rakes, there is absolutely no excuse for messy tails! You do have to remember to have the blades sharpened, just like clippers, though. I bought fine and medium blades, and both do a great job. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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