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Exercises to improve the canter

Here are a few exercises to improve various aspects of the canter.

My trainer gets me to pick up canter, go large, then somewhere down the long side do a transition to trot, an immediate 10m circle in trot, canter immediately on meeting the track again, and to keep repeating this exercise. it’s hard work for both of you but it really works!

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 08.42.17

Practice, practice, practice…

Another good one is: on a 20m circle, to do repeated walk – canter – trot – walk – canter – trot – walk etc etc transitions. A transition down or up from trot every 1/4 of a 20m circle is surprisingly hard to do really well. (Trot 1/4, canter 1/4, trot 1/2, canter 1/4)

Walk to canter (and eventually a good rein-back to canter) transitions are excellent for teaching a horse to ‘sit’ and giving the rider, in those first few really engaged upwards strides, a real inkling of what a good collected canter the horse is capable of!

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 08.41.51

Me & Daisy, working on the canter before jumping.

Another exercise is to do a small canter circle and then move away in a more forward canter, then canter to the corner marker, do another small circle and then come back down the school in medium canter on the 3/4 line,  back to working, and do another small circle back to the track. Each time you come out of the circle move the canter forward. This improves the impulsion and also the ‘sit’ in the canter.

Initially the circles may not be perfect, but it generates lots of energy, then when you go back to a working canter on a circle you have a lot better canter.

Don’t forget the value of shallow loops, contrabending, and counter canter as suppling exercises, too.

Lots to play with here!

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  • Great tips! One i was working on last night for the canter… I have a big horse and sometimes downward transitions can be hard. We were doing working canter around outside of arena. At certain points (say B & E) do a 10m circle still in canter (you will need to collect it up a bit) and then do a transition canter to walk on reaching the edge of arena again. Then immediately walk to canter and repeat. Made my horse really sit back on his hocks more and respect the downward, not just haul me out of my seat. Worked a treat! Love the site, look at it ever day for tips! 🙂