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Tip of the Day: Carry balanced loads to save your back

20130617-135842.jpgYou might be of an age where you can still blithely carry around heavy weights in a totally lopsided way, in which case, good for you, but this tip WILL save your back and hopefully help to prevent possible injury and crookedness.

I now always divide heavy loads between 2 hands if I can, as here, to fill the Stubbs bucket on the right to the brim once in the stable. A simple trick, takes about 10 seconds longer than doing 1 trip with 1 very heavy bucket, but definitely worth it!

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  • Mik, 2 heavy buckets is fine, as long as it’s at the same time, you are not straining yourself and you lift using your legs (having bent your knees) with your bottom under your shoulders. With one bucket, one tends to stick one’s hip out to the opposite side to compensate. We should endeavour to be straight for our horses’ sakes. As an addendum, hands up how many of us swap sides when mucking out, sweeping the yard or pooh picking? I know I don’t very often, it takes so much longer! But have a think; we expect our horses to work evenly on left and right reins. Can we? Susie (Bowen Therapist)

  • Susie, I totally agree. And I swap over as much as I can remember to!
    Mik, just make two trips… it’s worth it!